Welcome to The Bristol Pudding Society

About Us

Who are we?

 Pudding just like mum used to make on Sundays.

Charlie realised certain food in Bristol was lacking, fried chicken and a pudding club. Since deep fat fryers scare her, pudding club seemed the most natural option for her to tackle. 

Now a pop-up resident at bar Bristol Spirit, you can expect a warm welcome and a full glass as well as great puddings to eat. 

What to expect?

 The afternoon will start with something savoury to prepare the taste buds followed by four, individual puddings.

Each pudding will have a suggested cocktail pairing from the team at Bristol Spirit, made with Espensen Spirit infused gins and vodkas. 

These gorgeous drinks will also feature on the puddings with some boozy, fruity toppings. These drinks are an optional extra to be paid for at the event.

When can i come?

Next dates are:  

February 18th Valentines Special 


All boozy ingredients courtesy of Espensen Spirit

Contact Us

Bristol Pudding Society

Bristol Spirit, 86 Whitehall Road, Bristol BS5 9BQ